Hamilton Environmental Consulting with over 40 years of combined experience and knowledge can offer a smoother flow in resolving your needs

Our goal is to offer you with the ability to have a successful, effective and efficient operation

HEC can help with negotiations in your Regulatory, Ajudication and Compliance needs

HEC – helping the world to become good stewards of the environment

New Technology


The vision of Hamilton Environmental Consulting is to aspire to prove the highest quality services. We will achieve our vision through remembering god created a clean environment and by helping others be good stewards of the environment we will keep it that way.


The mission of Hamilton Environmental Consulting is to provide the highest quality services, by providing the most effective and efficient service to all clients. Excellent services includes courteous staff to provide timely assistance and training whenever it is needed. provide technical assistance and recommendations to our clients on all services. To help our clients in operating and maintaining their facilities in a fiscally sound manner while providing a level of service exceeding legal requirements. Helping our clients work cooperatively with all governmental agencies in order to help in their future growth. Encouraging environmental awareness through pursuing knowledge of the best available technology and procedures relating to our clients needs.

What others say:

" Mr. Hamilton came to me highly recommended by Tom... "
Jim Small
Mayor, City of New Castle, IN