A Few Words About Us

page1_pic1HEC is not an engineering firm . . .

looking for your engineering or design business, rather we will help you by reviewing any proposed improvements or projects to your system. Many times these improvements are the result of compliance issues mandated through the state and federal governments. With our experience we can evaluate the usefulness and need to insure you are getting the value and return on your investment. This in turn will help you be in compliance and have a more effective and efficient operation that you desire or are required.

• Wastewater Treatment Plant Evaluation

a. Operations
b. Maintenance
c. Bio Solids Handling

• Sanitary Collection System

a. Gravity
b. Force Main
c. Low Pressure
d. Lift Stations

• Storm water Collection System
• Combine Sewer Overflow Projects
• Review of Preliminary Engineering Reports (PERs)
• Master Plans
• Sewer use Ordinances
• Construction review

The Best Of Professionals

What We Offer


HEC will review all aspects of the operations, for Wastewater, Stormwater, Collection system, Pretreatment and Management. In wastewater we will evaluate the treatment processes for proper operation and maintenance.


HEC with our years of experience will help with a comprehensive management analysis to insure that all the proper forms and data are in place. We will look at the facility in whole from, project management, delegated and non-delegated pretreatment, maintenance in both the treatment facility and the collections system.


HEC with their knowledge and experience can assist in the negotiations with the Federal, EPA, State and local governments. We can offer assistance with agreed orders, enforcement actions, and notice of violations and adjudications. We have been involved with communities in resolving issues in both administrative and operational.