In today’s ever changing regulatory rule compliances both public and private clients are often faced with obstacles that can and have created legal issues weather internal or external. These issues can range from NOV’s (Notice of Violations),Administrative Actions, Agreed Orders, Adjudications, Consent Decrees and Enforcement actions. These actions can brought about by local government bodies, as well as State and Federal agencies. HEC staff have been involved with and negotiated major environment actions involving municipalities and industry as well as minor offences. When faced with these potentially costly and adverse actions you will need someone how can help you through the legal process. HEC has on staff professionals that have been on both sides of the issues and been involved in all the aforementioned actions. HEC has on staff professionals who have negotiated with local, State and Federal (EPA) agencies. This gives HEC the incite and experience in assisting you with resolving your compliance issues in a timely and effective manner, to assist you in getting back in compliance and will help you maintain that level of compliance.

• Notice of Violations (NOV’s)
• Administrative Actions
• Agreed Orders
• Consent Decrees
• Adjudications
• Enforcement Actions

About our Review


HEC will review all aspects of the operations, for Wastewater, Stormwater, Collection system, Pretreatment and Management. In wastewater we will evaluate the treatment processes for proper operation and maintenance. We can review your infrasture security and make recommindations to insure you are in compliance. Review proposed construction up grades to your systems to insure your needs and wants are met. We can review proposed budget and rate increases to insure proper funding is in place.


We can offer our clients with many forms of managerial skills


HEC with their knowledge and experience can assist in the negotiations with the Federal, EPA, State and local governments. We can offer assistance with agreed orders, enforcement actions, notice of violations and adjudications. We have been involved with communities in resolving issues in both administrative and operational.


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