Stormwater is the last regulatory compliance issue to come down from the federal government, although these challenges are new they can be dealt with and handled in an effective and efficient manner. Federal and State mandate require that the municipalities, industries and construction sites develop a plan in dealing with stormwater run-off specific time frames and steps. This can be done by many different methods, such as but not limited to retention, detention, sediment control, BMP’s (Best management practices), as well as new technologies. Stormwater management is a very important part of dealing with these issues. HEC has been involved with the formation and or operating of stormwater utilities and programs throughout the state. We can provide the services in offering all the regulatory and compliance needs for your municipal, industrial and construction site needs.

• Stormwater sewer evaluation
• Best Management Practices
• Permitting
• Regulatory Compliance
• Master Planning
• Detention
• Retention
• Stormwater Utility Formation
• SWPPP (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan)
• Stormwater Implementation and Management

Other HEC services:
Industrial // Pretreatment // Construction Review // Operations Review

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