In the complex world of wastewater treatment HEC offers a combined staff experience of over 40 years in the field of wastewater treatment. HEC is committed in preserving the environment through effective and efficient treatment operations. HEC believes that through these efforts we can all become good stewards of the environment.

We can evaluate the treatment system, collection system, pumping stations and bio solids disposal. With the ever changing and new developments in wastewater treatment. We will also look at new technologies to insure that you stay in the for front of the future innovations in wastewater concepts. HEC has skilled professionals who can offer you a full range of services to insure your operation and system success. Municipalities and industry need practical solutions in meeting the demands of the communities. We help you develop cost effective and budgetary solutions in bring practical strategies for our clients needs. HEC staff professionals have over seen plant and infrastructure improvements for facilities as small as 100,000 to 30,000,000 gallons a day at costs ranging from tens of thousands to over $200,000,000 dollars. We can provide assistance in acquiring funding with grants, bonding and SRF loans.

In the ongoing fight on terror in our society we can offer assistance in the infrastructure security and help in providing a safe and protected facility. New regulatory rules involving the home land security have forced treatment facilities to evaluate the potential for the advent of chemicals commonly found in treatment plants to be used in terror activates.
• Wastewater Plants
• Collection Systems
• Lift Stations
• Budgetary
• Funding
• Value Assessments
• New Technologies
• Infrastructure Security

Other HEC services:
Industrial // Stormwater // Pretreatment // Construction Review // Operations Review

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