Wastewater Class 4, Class A, SWPPP

IUPUI, Indiana Vocational Technical College, Phoenix University, Ivy Tech State College.

Mr. Hamilton has 37 years experience in the wastewater field in Treatment, Collection Systems, Stormwater Utilities, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Planning, Project Management, Operations, Construction Inspection, Maintenance, Infrastructure Security, Composting and Solid Waste. His extensive knowledge and experience makes him a creative asset to his clients. He has helped communities negotiate complex issues with the United States Department of Justice, EPA, State and Local governments and DNR. He has developed compliance plans, training and standard operational procedures. He has been honored with the EPA, National and State awards in the field of wastewater treatment. Mr. Hamilton is a WEF Quarter Century Club member, an IWEA 20 year member and a member of Who’s Who.

E-mail: randy@hamiltonenvironmental.com


August 15th, 2001
Mr. Hamilton has worked closely with Indiana Department of Environmental Management has been has been acknowledged for his ability and determination in changing plant procedures and reporting. The reduction of fines against the City for violations are in part because of Mr. Hamilton and his knowledge and corporation with the State.
Ron Rheam, Chairman of the Board of Public Works, City of Anderson, Indiana

December 3,2003
Mr. Hamilton has many strengths which he brings to his job. one of the areas of greatest importance to the city of Anderson has been his leadership and hard work to bring Anderson into compliance with the Indiana and Federal law in regard to water quality standards and sewage discharge into streams and rivers. Mr. Hamilton was instrumental in developing a compliance plan with the State of Indiana to improve our wastewater treatment. During my tenure as Chairman of the Anderson Board of Public Works, Mr. Hamilton has done an outstanding job and I can unreservedly recommend him as an asset to any organization.
John M. Coale, Chairman of the Anderson Board of Public Works

May 3, 2005
Mr. Hamilton has kept the City of Anderson abreast of the latest technological advances in the wastewater industry. Mr. Hamilton has saved the City of Anderson millions of dollars in negotiations with the Federal Government regarding the Federal Consent Decree. He change the operation of the Water Pollution Control Facility, enabling the city to remain in compliance with the governmental guidelines. Mr. Hamilton also implemented the composting project that has proven to be a great success. In order to remain on the “cutting edge” the City of Anderson leaders have been fortunate in working with Mr. Hamilton, one of the best in the field. His knowledge, work ethics and fortitude over the years will long be remembered. He will be an asset to any organization wishing to utilize his skills.
James Roger Clark, Anderson Board of Public Works

June 18, 2006
I am please to provide a professional recommendation for Mr. Hamilton. He represented the City of Anderson in negotiations with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, the U.S. E.P.A., and the U.S. Department of Justice. Mr. Hamilton provided sound advice and counsel to the City of Anderson to ensure their efforts were in compliance with the federal consent decree. In my experience with Mr. Hamilton, he has acted in a friendly and professional manner to assist us in resolving the variety of issues related to compliance. I have enjoyed working with Mr. Hamilton and wish him continued success in the future.
Doug Alley, Office of Compliance State Inspections I.D.E.M.

November 13, 2007
Since 2005 , Hamilton Environmental Consulting has been working with the City of Alexandria as a consultant for our Wastewater Treatment facility. During that time, they have assisted the City in many ways, including but not limited to; Training, Guidance, Agreed Order negotiations, Operating our treatment facility, Bringing the City back into compliance, Restructuring Operations, helping the City through a plant expansion project, help the City develop a long term control plan. I highly recommend Mr. Hamilton and his company to anyone the Municipal/wastewater field as they have a high level of professional training and length of experience and have improved the City of Alexandria and its Wastewater Utility dramatically.
Steve P. Skaggs, Mayor City of Alexandria, IN

December 30, 2011
Mr. Hamilton came to me highly recommended by Tom Nipp the previous Mayor and he fulfilled every expectation. Mr. Hamilton made a number of modifications to the plant that resulted in significant savings to the utility operations. More importantly, he successfully negotiated with I.D.E.M. to remove two Agreed Orders that happened under earlier circumstances that would have resulted in embarrassing, and expensive out comes. In his years in the wastewater industry he has come to be highly respected by others within that community and I am certain that you will understand my respect of him if you were to hire him.
Jim Small, Mayor, City of New Castle, IN